Trump Twitter | Twitter “crashed” at the time Donald Trump named the accuser

Just before midnight on Friday, December 27, Donald Trump shared a message from a Twitter user with the account name @ Surfermom77, an account claiming to be a woman named Sophia living in California.

Twitter said the shutdown with one of the social network’s server systems caused tweets on several accounts, including Trump, that could have a display error with followers.

Twitter said the social network encountered a “outage” incident shortly after which disappeared a tweet from US President Donald C named the accuser, which led to him being impeached.

Notably in the tweet, the name of a CIA intelligence officer is said to be the first to file a complaint about suspicious relations between President Trump and Ukraine.

By Saturday morning, the post seemed to have disappeared from the feed of many users, suggesting the possibility that Donald Trump deleted it, although the tweet could still be found in other ways. , even on a website that records every tweet of the President of the United States.

However, the message later appeared on Saturday night, but this time the accuser name was no longer in the tweet of the account Donald Trump shared.

In an interview with the US news agency AP, the Twitter representative said that the shutdown with one of the social network’s server systems caused tweets on several accounts, including Donald Trump, to have may be visible to some people while not being visible to others.

The whistleblower filed a complaint with Trump in August about one of his telephone conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and other agreements with the Eastern European nation. In the complaint, the accuser accused Trump of abusing his power by pressing Ukraine President Zelensky to restart a criminal investigation into the operation of Ukraine by Mr. Hunter Biden – the son of the former. Vice President Joe Biden.

The complaint is believed to have sparked a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives that initiated an investigation and ended with a Trump impeachment resolution earlier this month. The issue now rests with the US Senate, where the majority Republican is expected to hold a presidential trial.

Donald Trump is the third US president to face an impeachment trial. Neither of them, Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999, were not dismissed. Another president, Richard Nixon, resigned in August 1974 before the House of Representatives voted to impeach and the Senate could conduct a trial.