They Re Burning Our History Historic Kronk Gym Fire In Detroit

Fast Download They Re Burning Our History Historic Kronk Gym Fire In Detroit video

Title : They Re Burning Our History Historic Kronk Gym Fire In Detroit
Uploader : Jordan Garland
Description : So Another Historic Detroit Building Was Burned To The Ground This Last Week Things Are Getting Out Of Hand As The City Changes Controversy Swirls In Every Direction Corruption Conspiracy Or Just Chaos Take Your Pick We Were High Up Taking Photos And Spotted This Fire Out In The Distance We Went To Check It Out And Watched A Bando That We Go To A Lot Burn To The Ground The Next Day When I Went Back World Champion Boxer Tommy Hitman Hearns Was There Looking At What Remained Of The Place Where He Built His Legend Lots More Adventures To Come With My Full Length Documentary Adetroitfilm And In The Meantime You Can Watch These Vlogs Weekly Subscribe For More Videos And Follow Me Everywhere Jordangarlandmi Asdetroitsown Adetroitfilm Yungallspark They Re Burning Our History Historic Kronk Gym Fire In Detroit music mp3 and video mp4
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