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10 Amazing Most Anticipated Supercars Coming In 2019 2020

Fast Download 10 Amazing Most Anticipated Supercars Coming In 2019 2020 video

Title : 10 Amazing Most Anticipated Supercars Coming In 2019 2020
Uploader : Top Cars
Description : 10 Amazing Most Anticipated Supercars Coming In 2019 2020 1 Rimac C Two It Has 1 888 Horsepower And 1 696 Pound Feet Of Torque Hits 60 Mph From A Standstill In 1 85 Seconds And Maxes Out At 256 Mph Not Too Shabby For A Car That Weighs A Hefty 1 950 Kilograms With The 120 Kwh Battery Fully Charged Rimac S Newest Electric Gem Will Cover 404 Miles Between Charges Based On The Outgoing Nedc Test Cycle Factor In Level 4 Autonomous Driving Capabilities Fast Charging To 80 Percent In Half An Hour And Extensive Use Of Carbon Fiber And You Get One Of The Most Technologically Advanced Cars Ever Made That Will Hopefully Live Up To The Hype 2 Zagato Iso Rivolta Vision Gran Turismo Supercar Concept The Isorivolta Is Built On A Bespoke Chassis And Features A Corvette V 8 Which Thanks To A Pair Of Turbochargers Is Spitting Out 997 Horsepower The Engine Is Paired To A 10 Speed Automatic And Drives The Rear Wheels The Dry Weight Is An Impressive 2 500 Pounds According To Zagato The Car Should Be Capable Of 0 60 Mph Acceleration In 2 7 Seconds And A Top Speed Of 227 Mph 3 Zenvo Tsr S Power Is Provided By A 5 8 Liter V8 With Two Centrifugal Superchargers And Sequential Fuel Injection Generating 1 177 Horsepower It S Mated To A Motorsports Derived Seven Speed Paddle Shift Gearbox One Of The Fastest Shifting Transmissions In Existence Which Helps The Car Accelerate From A Standstill To 62 Miles Per Hour In Just 2 8 Seconds What S Even More Impressive The Tsr S Sprints To 124 Mph In 6 8 Seconds 4 Koenigsegg Regera The Koenigsegg Regera Is A Swedish Supercar And It Is A Hybrid It Combines A Twin Turbo V8 Petrol Motor Putting Out 1 100 Bhp With A 670 Bhp Electric Drive Train For A Combined Output Of About 1 500 Bhp It Does Not Use A Traditional Transmission But Instead Sends Power To The Rear Wheels Instantaneously With The Electric Motors It Can Go From 0 400 Kmph In Less Than 20 Seconds 5 Bugatti Chiron Sport Despite The Sport Name The Engine Carries Over Unchanged From The Standard Chiron So The Quad Turbo 8 0 Liter W 16 Cranks Out The Same 1 479 Horsepower And 1 180 Pound Feet Of Torque Not That Anyone Would Complain About Not Having Enough Oomph But Bugatti Made A Few Updates In Other Drivetrain Department As It Claims That The Chiron Sport Benefits From Significantly Improved Handling And Greater Agility Performance Numbers Are Not Yet Available But It S Safe To Assume That The Chiron Sport Needs The Same 2 5 Seconds To Hit 62 Mph From A Standing Start While Top Speed Remains Locked At 261 Mph 6 Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder Like The Coupe The Huracan Spyder Performante Is Powered By A Naturally Aspirated 5 2 Liter V10 Engine With 640 Horsepower At 8 000 Rpm And 600 Newton Meters Of Torque From 6 500 Rpm It Will Need 3 1 Seconds Until 62 Mph And 9 3 Seconds For The 0 To 124 Mph Run Before Hitting A Coupe Matching Top Speed Of 202 Mph 7 Pagani Huayra Roadster There S Was No Doubt That The Huayra Roadster Would Be Using The Same Amg Sourced 6 0 Liter V 12 As The Coupe But The Output Was A Well Kept Secret Until Now It Was Rumored That The Revised V 12 Would Crank Out 789 Horsepower But It Turns Out That The Amg Made Unit Was Massaged To Deliver 753 Horsepower And 738 Pound Feet Of Torque All Told While The Coupe Needs Three Seconds To Hit 60 Mph From A Standing Start The Roadster Could Reach The Same Benchmark In Around 2 9 Ticks Or Even Less I Expect Top Speed To Be Lower Than The Coupe S Amazing 230 Mph But Not By Much 8 Techrules Ren Techrules Says There Are Two Four And Six Motor Configurations Planned For The Future The Model On Display Is The Ren Flagship Version Which Gets A Battery Capacity Of 25 Kwh Peak Output Is Rated At An Astonishing 1 287 Horsepower While The Twist Figure Comes In At 1 725 Pound Feet Of Torque Fill Up The Fuel Tank With 21 1 Gallons Of Diesel And You Ll Get As Much As 727 Miles Of Range That Computes Out To 34 5 Mpg But Techrules Is A Bit More Conservative Saying It Ll Average About 31 Mpg Meanwhile All Electric Range For The Top Trim Is 124 Miles 9 Techrules Ren Rs Buyers Can Get Theirs With Either A Single 30 Kw Turbine Or Two 80 Kw Turbines The 28 4 Kwh Battery Pack Is Mounted In Twin Lateral Pods And Comes With An Integrated Battery Management System The Four Motor Set Up Produces As Much As 858 Horsepower And 1 150 Pound Feet Of Torque While The Six Motor Set Up Offers Up A Head Turning 1 287 Hp And 1 725 Lb Ft Of Torque 10 Hennessey Venom F5 The Venom F5 Will Have A Bespoke Biturbocharged 8 0 Liter V8 Engine Producing 1 600 Horsepower And 1 300 Pound Feet Of Torque However Hennessey Noted The Engine Could Receive Two Addition Turbos To Help Achieve Its 300 Mph Goal 10 Amazing Most Anticipated Supercars Coming In 2019 2020 music mp3 and video mp4
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