Deco 27 Ft 初音ミク Ghost Rule ゴーストルール English Subtitles

Fast Download Deco 27 Ft 初音ミク Ghost Rule ゴーストルール English Subtitles video

Title : Deco 27 Ft 初音ミク Ghost Rule ゴーストルール English Subtitles
Uploader : Descentsubs
Description : Just Hit Me With A Truck Load Of Self Hating Feels Why Don T Ya Subber Comment Damn Deco 27 Can Take Any Theme Whatsoever And Turn It Into A Badass Song Not To Mention With His Recently Releases You Can T Help But Suspect That The Slow March To Another Album Release Has Already Begun As Always I Tried To Give This Song The Cool Sounding Subs They Deserve But I Can Only Wish I Had Deco Sama S Gift Of Poetry I Really Love How Deco 27 Chooses To Enhance His Lyrical Storytelling With His Choices Of Kanji Some Examples From This Time While Miku Just Says Warau Laugh He Uses 嘲笑う Which Means To Ridicule Laugh At Near The End She Mentions Kodoku Which Is Loneliness But Deco Replaced 孤独 S Doku With 毒 For Poison When She Calls Herself A Liar Or 嘘つき He Uses The Character 憑き Which Also Works But Carries That Extra Haunting Possession Connotation These Kind Of Things Are Hard To Appreciate In Another Language Via Translation Though I Try For You All But They Really Deepen The Impact When You Watch It Original Yt Https Www Youtube Com Watch V Kushw6zvazm Original Nnd Http Www Nicovideo Jp Watch Sm27965309 Music Deco 27 Mylist 9850666 Http Deco27 Com Http Twitter Com Deco27 Illustration 八三 Http Www Pixiv Net Member Php Id 637197 Https Twitter Com Xxhachisan Arranged With Naoki Itai Music For Music Deco 27 Ft 初音ミク Ghost Rule ゴーストルール English Subtitles music mp3 and video mp4
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